Your privacy is our top priority.

Which is why our privacy policy is no frills, no gimmicks.
All truth, because you deserve to know how we use your data.

We collect emails from customers who opt-in to promotional marketing material, such as online discounts, email coupons, or equivalent promotional offers that can be redeemed only at a store location. We use customer's emails to track lead data so we can see how we are doing on paid and unpaid advertising, website development, and other customer-acquisition/retention measures/statistics. In store purchases may be linked to an email for our records to further study and understand this information. We hold no payment information, or other sensitive information besides the email and Speedline (Greenway Car Wash LLC) in-store purchase history. Payment information is handled by our payment processing partners, which are subject to change. Your privacy also means your safety. We use the latest digital technologies to help keep your data secure, and we prefer to keep non-sensitive information whenever possible.